Welcome to the SRJT RV Park

Campsite Rules

  1. Please Park only within the boundaries of your designated RV Spot and display your corresponding space marker on your windshield/dash
  2. Please make sure you and your dogs are registered in the show office
  3. All dogs must be leashed or in a pen when out of RV. No exceptions.
  4. Please clean up after you dogs
  5. No smoking and no bonfires
  6. Please be respectful of quiet hours from 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM
  7. Please do not adjust or alter power boxes/hookups in any way. If you require assistance, please call Robin Cravens at 859-492-9374
  8. Please keep the show park and the camper sites clean. Trash receptacles are easy to find.
  9. First aid is available with the horse show on-site medical personnel during horse show hours of 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM. First Aid kit can be found in the show office
  10. No Firearms
  11. RV Pump outs will be done on Tuesdays and Fridays. If additional pump out is needed, please let the office know. A 24-hour notice is needed. If any additional fees are incurred for extra pump-outs, it is the responsibility of the RV Renter. Notify the office if you do NOT want your RV pumped out.

Food that will be delivered to show park:
Crenos Pizza 740.966.0123
Dominos Pizza 740.967.3100

Emergency Dial : 911

Licking County Sheriffs Office: 740.670.5555
Monroe Township Fire Department : 740.967.2976

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