Competitor Experience

“The Luxury of All-Inclusive”

Competing on the Split Rock Jumping Tour is unlike any other American horse show experience. Competitors have the luxury of choosing from one of our All-Inclusive Entry Packages. No detail is overlooked for the amenities provided to you and your equine partner.

Choose from 6 different package levels, each one with a flat cost. Every package is designed to custom-fit your and your horse’s needs, as specifications are tailored to span class entry fees, nominating fees, stall fees, and initial stall bedding costs. International riders receive additional perks including a hotel room, VIP Hospitality Pass, Party at The Rock ticket, and unique concierge amenities. One of those amenities is the FEI Concierge Tent found within the FEI Stabling complex, which offers breakfast, lunch, and beverages to the riders, grooms and owners during the competition.

Our dedicated team communicates with you prior to arrival to receive all stabling details regarding stall layout, preferred location, and specialized stallion stalls, if needed, to ensure your stalls are completely move-in ready. Upon arrival, enjoy our complimentary valet service to assist you with parking and unloading of equipment and horses for a smooth and quick move-in experience.

For questions or inquiries please contact Robin Cravens at (859) 252-3247.


To request a printed prize list, please email us at with the subject line “prize list request.”



By entering a Federation-licensed Competition and signing this entry blank as the Owner, Lessee, Trainer, Manager, Agent, Coach, Driver, Rider, Handler, Vaulter or Longeur and on behalf of myself and my principals, representatives, employees and agents, I agree that I am subject to the Bylaws and Rules of The United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. (the “Federation”) and the local rules of Split Rock Jumping Tour. I agree to be bound by the Bylaws and Rules of the Federation and of the competition. I will accept as final the decision of the Hearing Committee on any question arising under the Rules, and agree to release and hold harmless the competition, the Federation, their officials, directors and employees for any action taken under the Rules. I represent that I am eligible to enter and/or participate under the Rules, and every horse I am entering is eligible as entered. I also agree that as a condition of and in consideration of acceptance of entry, the Federation and/or the Competition may use or assign photographs, videos, audios, cable – casts, broadcasts, internet, film, new media or other likenesses of me and my horse taken during the course of the competition for the promotion, coverage or benefit of the competition, sport, or the Federation. Those likenesses shall not be used to advertise a product and they may not be used in such a way as to jeopardize amateur status. I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive and release any rights in connection with such use, including any claim to compensation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, or to misappropriation. The construction and application of Federation rules are governed by the laws of the State of New York, and any action instituted against the Federation must be filed in New York State. See GR908.4.

Federation Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Indemnification
This document waives important legal rights. Read it carefully before signing.

All-Inclusive Package

All-Inclusive Package details can be found in the Prize List

FEI Tier 1FEI Tier 2FEI Tier 3U25 Young RiderHigh Junior/Amateur OwnerMedium Junior/Amateur OwnerLow Junior/Amateur OwnerChild/AdultYoungsterNon-Showing Horse

Optional Package Add-ons

Add a FEI Tack/Grooming stall?

Add a National Tack/Grooming stall?

Add a Warm Up Class (1.10m)?

Add a Warm Up Class (1.25m)?

Hospitality Packages

Gold Package, 6 person table - $4,000Silver Package, 4 person table - $3,000Bronze Package, 1 person - $750

Individual Gala at the Rock Tickets - $200 each


If your horse is a stallion, would you like stallion walls on your stall?

Please select a ship time
Tuesday, May 23, from 8am - 5pmWednesday, May 24, from 7am - 10am

BY SIGNING BELOW, I AGREE to be bound by all applicable Federation Rules and all terms and provisions of this entry blank and all terms and provisions of this Prize List. If I am signing and submitting this Agreement electronically, I acknowledge that my electronic signature shall have the same validity, force and effect as if I affixed my signature by my own hand. I understand that my entry will not be accepted until paid in full.

An SRJT team member will contact you to collect payment. Checks can be made payable to SRJT and mailed to:
SRJT Show Office
4845 Bryan Station Rd
Lexington KY 40516