The Columbus International CSI2*

2018 Columbus International CSI2*

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About Columbus, Ohio



Location Address

Brave Horse Show Park, 1029 South County Line Road, Johnstown, OH 43031
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Driving Directions

From The North: Take I-71 S. towards Columbus. Take Exit 131 onto US-36/OH-37 toward Sunbury. Turn left onto US-36 E toward Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Sunbury. Continue onto W Cherry Street. Turn right onto S Morning Street. Turn right onto S County Line Road. Brave Horse is on the left.

From The South: Take I-71 N towards Columbus. Exit left to merge onto I-270 N toward Cleveland. Stay on I-270 N to exit OH-161 E New Albany. Keep left and merge onto OH-161, New Albany Expy E. Take exit on to US-62 toward Johnstown, New Albany. Turn left onto Johnstown Road, head toward Johnstown. Turn left on to Tippet Road. Road becomes County Line Rd. Brave Horse is on the right.

From the East: Take I-70 West towards Columbus, OH. Take Exit 126 onto OH-37 toward Granville, Lancaster. Turn right onto Lancaster Rd toward Dennison University, National Trail Raceway. Turn left to merge onto OH-16 W toward OH-161 Columbus. Keep left on OH-37 W.Take exit onto OH-37 W toward Johnstown. Turn right on to Johnstown Alexandria Road toward Johnstown, Alexandria. Turn Left onto S County Line Road. Brave Horse is on the left.

From the West: Take I-70 E toward Columbus, OH. Keep left to take I-670 E via EXIT 96 toward Airport. Take US-62 E/Northeast Fwy N toward Gahanna/Cleveland. Merge onto I-270 N/Outerbelt N via the exit on the left toward Cleveland. Take EXIT 30/33 toward OH-161/New Albany/Worthington/Easton Way. Keep straight to take the ramp toward OH-161/New Albany/Worthington/Easton Way. Take EXIT 30 on the left toward OH-161/New Albany/Worthington. Keep right to take the OH-161 E ramp toward New Albany. Merge onto OH-161 E/New Albany Expy E via the ramp on the left. Take the US-62 exit toward New Albany/Johnstown. Turn left onto US-62 E/Johnstown Rd. Turn left onto Tippet Rd. Tippet Rd becomes S County Line Rd/County Hwy-51. Brave Horse is on the right.


Hotel Accommodations:


RV Campground

Tree Haven Campground – Max 40′ camper
4855 Miller Paul Rd.
Westerville, OH 43082
(740) 965 – 3469
$245/ Week