Derek Braun
Founder and president of SRJT

SRJT is a truly entertaining sporting event that has revolutionized the way competitors, sponsors, and spectators benefit from an international Show Jumping event in the United States. By providing every level of spectator, competitor, and sponsor with a specifically tailored experience, SRJT has shown that this sport can fill a unique void that other sports lack.

The Split Rock Jumping Tour started at founder Derek Braun’s farm in 2015. Drawing on his experiences in Europe. the shows focused on elevating the show jumping sport with hospitality and an attention to detail that is unrivaled. The show was a success, and caught the attention of riders nationally and internationally. With every progressive show the Tour has built on this momentum.

In 2017 the Tour expanded out of Kentucky for the first time, adding a show in Columbus, Ohio at its Brave Horse facility. Just one year later, Split Rock would host its first World Cup Qualifier at the same location. Since then, locations in California, New Mexico and Texas have been added. 2020 will also see the Ante Up Grand Prix, a revolutionary format to Grand Prix show jumping never before seen in North America.

Rider Testimonials

“This is a fantastic show. What I like about it most is the spirit of the organization. It is a very friendly, welcoming show, and I can feel it is not a show that is made only for business. The show is very friendly and you can feel the entire team does everything possible to make both riders and horses happy, and that makes everything very, very good. I love it.”

– Eric Navet

“Split Rock is just a great show. It’s in a league of its own here in the United States. Derek’s done a super job, and he’s going to really help the sport.”

– Molly Ashe

“We love being here, it is great for the riders, the horses and the staff. The hospitality is second to none. The footing is always fabulous. Happy horses means happy people.”

– Olivia Chowdry

“The whole flow of the horse show is great – the ring feels intimate, so when there’s people all around, you can really feel the excitement. Everyone’s having the best time – it’s just been lovely.”

– Christine McCrea

“We went out of our way to be sure that we made it to the opening show at Split Rock, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience here. The food and the VIP tent has just been top notch, and my customers had an absolute blast. One of them was second, and was able to get up on the podium – that just means so much to them, and it means so much to us as trainers and riders. They’ve set the bar here, and the other shows are going to have to follow.”

– Kevin Babington

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